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(Digital) Paper Anniversary

         At the age of 17 I took a chance. I met the girl of my dreams and I didn’t have long to convince her that I was the man (in the making) of her dreams. I conceded that I couldn’t possibly make her realize this in the short time before high school graduation. Months of […]

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Lori & Gabe, China Beach & Presidio

  Congratulations to Lori and Gabe! These two are so, so in love and it really showed throughout the entire photo session. They hardly needed any instruction and were so into each other that it really made my job easy. You two were a joy to work with and I’m really looking forward to the […]

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Tim Be Told, Humanity

           When I woke up this past Thursday I had no reason to suspect that, by the day’s end, I would have some of my inner most thoughts and fears displayed on a stage. I didn’t know that by evening I’d be welcomed by East Bay Free Methodist Church to see an intimate show featuring […]

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