Monthly Archives: April 2012

Ferry Building on a Saturday

         I was treated to lunch at the Ferry Building on a recent Saturday. This place provides an excellent selection of high quality (albeit expensive) eats. If you haven’t been, it is definitely worth a visit. I’d suggest bringing friends so you can share and sample more things. Some of my favorites are the porchetta sandwich […]

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Birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans

         Taken on a recent trip to New Orleans. Doreen Ketchens of Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans plays the clarinet during an exhibition in the French Quarter. The band is playing a traditional jazz funeral procession, which transitions from a somber dirge to a celebration of life after the deceased is “cut loose,” or buried. Here, Ketchens […]

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Living in a Box

Thoughts and observations taken during my last visit to the California Academy of Sciences. Observing the animals, I kept thinking about what it might be like to live in a confined space with people gawking at me all day. As I began to watch other visitors, I realized that from the animals’ perspective, they could […]

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