Monthly Archives: February 2013

Our Little Peanut

So…Jenny and I are having a little girl. We call her peanut for now. Doesn’t she look like one? Well, in this photo she does but not anymore, she looks like a perfectly formed miniature person now. This photo is a scan from a print I made using a traditional darkroom at Rayko Photo Center. […]

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One of The Days I Thought I Was Going to Die

I was reminded of this trip recently and thought it would make for a fun blog post. These photos were taken at a rapid known as Jaws by a rafting outfit on the lower Truckee river. I knew it was a bad sign when our rookie guide, seen in the bright green helmet below, asked one […]

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Carolyn and Mark, Eagle Ridge Golf Club

Carolyn and Mark’s wedding was overflowing with joy, love, and community and it was a pleasure to be able to witness it all firsthand.                                                          

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