Tong Family

The loving atmosphere surrounding this family was obvious and it really came through in the images. The boys even shared their snacks with me!












Beth and Michael, Brazilian Room at Tilden Park

Beth and Michael’s wedding was one of great joy, deep friendships, close family, and…amazing dancing. It was an absolute joy to be there. Congratulations you two!







































Mike B - Donald, you made our wedding so special ! All of our friends loved your energy, your eye for a great shot, and your enthusiasm. I felt like you were actually celebrating with us, not just shooting another wedding. And the skill you bring to your craft is unmistakable. I mean, look at those photos !

Thank you, Donald ! What a pleasure it has been.


Donald Chan - Michael! I definitely felt like I was celebrating with you all, especially when your brother dragged me out on to the dancefloor 😉 Absolutely loved working for you two and wish you the best!

Fong Family

Are you ever glad that plans get spoiled by weather? My annual session with the Fong Family was “spoiled” by the rain so we went with a backup plan. This is the result. Love it when a plan doesn’t come together 😉 The rain let up just enough for us to make it to another covered area…an empty Anchor Steam truck.










Betty Liu - these pictures are awesome…Rylan has the total rocker attitude down.