Happy Mother’s Day

To the new mother in my life, Happy Mother’s Day. If being a wife is any indication of how you will be as a mother, I know you are going to be amazing. I know this because you are constantly helping me be who I truly am and always love me as I am. I can’t help but love you more everyday. I’m so excited and cannot wait for you to do the same for our little child.








In case anyone is curious, the photos of Jenny are taken by me and the ones of us together are self portraits using a tripod.

No Really, I Grew Up Playing Basketball

Most people I meet these days are surprised to learn that I played any sport, let alone basketball. My current disinterest in professional sports masks the fact that organized sport was a huge part of my childhood and has probably contributed considerably to the person I am today. I have very fond memories of it. I rediscovered this photo while reorganizing some things recently. It was taken at the Presidio Middle School gym at one of our Tuesday night practices. I’m probably 11 years old here.

I’ve seen this photo so many times before, but I haven’t seen it since having taken up photography and certain details jump out at me now. I now notice that this photo is actually a polaroid test shot taken with studio lights (notice the power pack in the fore ground) on a large 4×5 camera masked for a square negative. Another thing that I noticed is that I am closest to the main light source, which is at least partially responsible for my blinding complexion. What I still can’t figure out is why I am the only one that is fully visible from head to toe. I used to be embarrassed of that detail but I now love how awkward it is.

Family Photography Lessons from 1930 » Donald Chan Photography - […] Most of these old photographs have an awkward charm about them that I have a fondness for (see my post about basketball) but I have encountered very few photographs that go beyond simple representation […]

Lynne - Randomly stopped by your blog to check out any new photos you had up. Once again, blown away by so many of them! P.S. – GO OWLS!! 😀

Donald Chan - Aw thanks Lynne! Thanks for popping in. Go who? 😛

3D Camera

Here is a little throwback Thursday action. Since I can’t get up to Tahoe for the impending snow dump, I thought I’d post some winter scenes. These were from a roll of undeveloped film that Jenny’s dad shot on a Nishika N8000 3d camera. These had to be taken in the late 80s. If you are good at diverging your eyes you can see the 3d effect.

Our Little Peanut

So…Jenny and I are having a little girl. We call her peanut for now. Doesn’t she look like one? Well, in this photo she does but not anymore, she looks like a perfectly formed miniature person now. This photo is a scan from a print I made using a traditional darkroom at Rayko Photo Center.

We live in an age where we have far too many connections to actually maintain through pre-internet/socialmedia methods. In a world when the loosest of connections can get information about you before close personal friends, I thought it best to wait to blog this…then I found myself waiting too long so here she is!

~Orlena - Congratulations to the both of you! Thanks for sharing the news and cool pic!