Huynh Family, Yerba Buena Gardens

Great family and great fun. Doesn’t get much better than that.











Ellenor - I love this kid! He makes me want to smile when I see his pictures!

Donald Chan - He was amazing. Glad the photos do justice to the experience of actually being around him. I was smiling all day.

One of The Days I Thought I Was Going to Die

I was reminded of this trip recently and thought it would make for a fun blog post. These photos were taken at a rapid known as Jaws by a rafting outfit on the lower Truckee river. I knew it was a bad sign when our rookie guide, seen in the bright green helmet below, asked one of our crew to say a prayer before attempting to run this rapid. He also emphasized that we should do everything we can to avoid the wall of rocks on the left if we flip…

Jaws is a class III/IV rapid that is named for two pairs of rocks. The first pair is the main drop and form the jaw, while the second pair resemble a set of fangs or teeth. To run this rapid we are supposed to take a left to right line between the first two rocks. We over shot our line, our guide froze, and over we went.

We later learned that just two back strokes would have saved the raft from dumping us all out. To really appreciate the above picture, notice that I am in the rear, starboard side of the raft in the first shot before getting launched over the port side.

And below is me, carried by the current towards the wall of rocks I was supposed to avoid at all costs. I discover for myself the reason for this warning: recirculating water that beats you up on the rocks if you fight against the current, which was my natural instinct since it kept pulling me down below the water line. After getting a good sized cut on my arm and realizing that I would soon tire out I relaxed and let the current take me under, trusting that my life vest will do its job and push me to the surface at the other end. It did.




Yerba Buena Gardens

Jason - Donald, You are still taking amazing photos and getting better all the time. I am happy to see you are still at it, and I love your website. I hope life is going great for you and Jenny.

Donald Chan - Jason!!! Thanks so much for checking in and for the compliment. Seems like a lifetime ago since we talked. I hope you and Zoe are well. If you are ever back in the bay, we should get together.

Tseng Family

There is just something special about photographing a family in the context of their own home. I absolutely love it. So of course I was excited when the Tseng’s chose their house for the location of this shoot. The hospitality that they showed me was amazing and I really enjoyed being a part of the family for a day.